Gold 24K

Gold as a mineral in the body has multiple health benefits.


Prevents the accumulation of free radicals, responsible for aging of the body.

Immune system

A strong immune system helps to better fight bacteria and viruses for better health.

Anti Inflammatory

The other helps control chronic joint inflammation.

Anti Aging

The skin glows and looks better when gold is consumed.

100% agave

Tequila Añejo Cristal

Imagine a tequila that not only delights your senses, but also makes a statement of sophistication. Our unique recipe, perfected over generations, is a tribute to exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Every drop of La Santa Tequila is distilled with extreme care and lovingly aged, creating an exceptionally smooth spirit that dances on your palate.

100% agave

Reposado Pink

It rests for 8-10 months in a bourbon barrel, then it is filtered to make it crystal clear and it rests for 2 more months in a French oak pinot noir red wine barrel.

  • Does not contain dyes
  • No additives
  • Agave Los Altos
  • Made in Central Jalisco
  • Kosher
  • Method with blend of baking and grinding



The growth of our selected blue agave takes 6 years or more, once the time has come, our artisanal process begins where we cut the pineapple and only use the center of the agave heart which is cooked manually in masonry ovens. We then squeeze the juice, then ferment it and finally distill it.


Throughout this process, tequila is accompanied, harmonized and relaxed by classical music (investigated by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto in his book "The Hidden Messages of Water") demonstrates how liquid molecules, brought to life by the vibrations of classical music, They perfectly harmonize our body with just one drink.


Añejo Cristalino Gold 24K Tequila Process

Once relaxed, it is aged in American oak and French oak barrels for at least 12 months and then filtered with activated carbon plates, finishing a tequila with long and intense agave flavors, with a robust, creamy body and a noble smoothness. to the palate

100% agave

Black Añejo Triple Barrel

It is aged for 12 months in a bourbon barrel, then the same liquid is transferred to a sherry barrel for 6 months and finished in a French oak barrel of pinot noir red wine for another 6 months.

  • No additives
  • Agave the tall ones
  • Made in Central Jalisco
  • Kosher
  • Method with tahora blend and grinding
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